"Revitalizing" and "Desiring" to impact the world of jewelry with pure motives.

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We recently collaborated with Urban Natures, an up and coming jewelery brand that wanted to incorporate their business model around the idea of giving hope to kids in need. What this means is 10% of their annual profit will go to children in need around the world, something we feel is important in furthering God’s kingdom in showing love to others.

In support of their cause, we modeled the “Give Hope” bracelet and though it may seem like an unrealistic feat for one small company…you can make a difference to even one child!


(Source: thenehemiahband)

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Give Hope


With our GIVE HOPE initiative, 15% of our proceeds are donated to Youth Farm, an inspiring non-profit organization that provides agriculture education programs to inner city youth by means of urban gardens. We couldn’t be more proud to partner with a charity that supports the community, cares for the environment, and continues to GIVE HOPE to the future of countless youth.

Read more about Youth Farm at www.youthfarmmn.org

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Pretty in White

From our new collection. These are personally my favorite.


There are so many ways to mix and match these two. The multi-leather-cord bracelet looks really cute with a maxi skirt and a slim down shirt.

You can wear it like Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. Absolutely stunning!

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Have You Heard About Liberty in North Korea?

The team at Urban NATUREs is proud to say that we are supporting LINK. 

The world is changing, and if you’re reading this, we suspect you want to be a part of shaping what it will look like. Let’s take a few steps to stop and end to this crisis.

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Our First Thought… “SUNBURST” & “TWISTED”

Here are a few ideas on how to wear “Sunburst” & “Twisted.” Summer is just around the corner and we thought… Why not get creative and mix and match our jewelries! Since we all have a budget, here are some affordable ideas. ENJOY!

Simple, yet Classy

Dress        Shoes       Necklace

Casual, yet Cute

Top        shorts       Shoes      necklace

This look definitely screams SUMMER! Personally love this look.