Urban Natures

"Revitalizing" and "Desiring" to impact the world of jewelry with pure motives.

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We recently collaborated with Urban Natures, an up and coming jewelery brand that wanted to incorporate their business model around the idea of giving hope to kids in need. What this means is 10% of their annual profit will go to children in need around the world, something we feel is important in furthering God’s kingdom in showing love to others.

In support of their cause, we modeled the “Give Hope” bracelet and though it may seem like an unrealistic feat for one small company…you can make a difference to even one child!


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Give Hope


One of Urban Natures mission is to build a better place for kids in need around the world. It may sound like an unrealistic feat for one small company. However with help from a customer like you, we can make a difference to change the life of a child.

Urban Natures is committed to contributing 10% of its profit to aid children in need directly and indirectly.

We are happy to present our GIVE HOPE bracelet in fulfilling our mission.

Join us as we focus on Delivering Hope to Kids in Need.


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Pretty in White

From our new collection. These are personally my favorite.


There are so many ways to mix and match these two. The multi-leather-cord bracelet looks really cute with a maxi skirt and a slim down shirt.

You can wear it like Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. Absolutely stunning!

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A Story About a Little Girl Named….

MABEL replied!

Mabel Efua Gyan from GHANA
Efua is not presently attending school. Playing group games is her favorite activity. She also attends church activities and bible class regularly.
YOUR LOVE and support will help Efua to receive the assistance she needs to develop her potential. Please PRAY for her.